Monday, June 29, 2015

This drawing is entitled, "A Little Stroll With Stars," and is currently being shown at Pensacola Museum of Art Member's Show through August 22, 2015. It's 5"x7" as are most of my new drawings. I thoroughly enjoy the intimacy of drawings this size; most everything I produce, with rare exception begins on a similar scale.  Ideas and concepts for larger reliefs and free-standing pieces have their origins on this scale.

I continue to return to my 2011 essay, "Sculpture is Always Real," when I evaluate these drawings. (The essay is contained in this blog.)  Remove the paper from these drawings and a sculpture, (an object) remains. I personally have no desire to "fuss" with the surface of the paper, however many artists are quite skilled at just that.  If what I draw can't exist outside the confines of the paper, I don't have much use for it.

I've included a few more drawings in this post as well...

"A Little Stroll With Stars," 2015; 5"x7";  Pencil

 "Fan Dancer," 2015; 5"x7";  Pencil

"Holier Than Thou," 2015; 5"x7"; Pencil 

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  1. Your drawings are as brilliant as your sculptures. Great Work!