Thursday, November 22, 2012

Statement–August 4, 2009, first published in the catalogue "Michael Boles: The 2007-2009 Anna Lamar Switzer Endowed Teaching Chair"

Michael Boles, The Venus of Newgrange, 2009. Aluminum, copper, and chrisacola.
48" x 84" x 1." Available for purchase–please contact the artist.

There is little or no difference between the objects our ancient ancestors required for survival and the objects that they coveted. This is the same reality for us in the here and now. The value of useful and functional items in relation to those which are purely for visual or visceral gratification has evolved, and this mirrors the whole of history and the flux of human condition. The thing that is the most interesting is why nonfunctional items such as works of art have become more expensive and sought after rather than those that are useful and functional.

One cannot explain away the phenomena of the monetary value of paintings by artists such as Van Gogh or Vermeer. The craft of their work is only a small part of why their work demands the respect that it does. Scarcity and notoriety are understandable, but the way in which the general public canonizes artisans must amount to more than just those basic tenets.

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