Thursday, October 25, 2012

About This Blog

Michael Boles, Beginnings, 2004. Aluminum and bronze. 55" x 28" x 1."

This blog is intended to showcase my artwork and my commentary on art. Here you will find images of completed sculptures and drawings, as well as images of works in progress. For both, I will provide brief comments on the imagery and underlying concepts. You also will find essays about my work and reflections on contemporary art. It is often hard to pry out these fleeting thoughts when making art, and I use writing as a way to sort through my ideas and to help me come to a conclusion about what it is that I make.

I view this blog as an opportunity to lay out my ideas and show my work. I will include past writings and numerous images of artworks in private collections, but I will primarily describe my current directions, posting as often as I can. I encourage you to comment on both the art and the writings. I would like for this blog to foster discussions about art.

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